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Here I Am

Since having my son I have struggled to regain my identity, it’s common (apparently, I mean I have no real evidence) after having a new baby to feel a little lost with who you are, this was certainly the case for me. On the face of it to my friends and family I seemed to be the same old Sarah but with the addition of a small duplicate of my partner however as the months whizzed past I was sucked into a vortex of doubt as to who I was anymore, and the cracks started to show. When I hit one of many low points I felt so strongly that I wanted to be able to share my experiences with other mums who could be going through the same thing. Feeling lost is isolating even with a strong network of people around you. It’s taken a long time to get my backside into gear to start my blogging journey. I’m no writer, I’ve never done this before, but I will certainly do my best to bring this beauty to life. So this blog, for me, is a way of being able to write down my questions and rationally explore the answers to (I hope) heed my own advice, to be true to myself and to remind myself of who I am. In the process building my confidence as a strong mother to the one person who looks to me for strength, my son.

My vision for this blog is simple, I want to celebrate all the beautiful times/moments that often get lost in the tyrant of screams and cries, but I also want to stay honest and true to all those not so brilliant times, we’re only human and I believe we shouldn’t sugar coat the challenging job of being a mother. I’m not going to protrude negativity in my words, motherhood is hard (very very hard, bring me wine now!) but it is also highly rewarding and emotional in the good sense. Only the other day I came back from my weekly day out with my sister to see my little boy walking around outside on this push along walker with his daddy, shouting with delight that he was free to roam (my son that is!) Seeing them together and my son so happy brought an uncontrollable wave of happiness, I was so emotional, but I was OK with being on the brink of tears because it was the lovable emotions that had hold of me. I took hold of that feeling and stored it in a place in my mind that I would never forget because that was the day I realised how truly lucky I am to have these two amazing people in my life, nothing else in the world mattered.

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