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I guessing I’m with the majority of mothers out there who just can’t function until they’ve had their morning fix of caffeine, but can we just take a moment to appreciate the wonders it has on your productivity?! Before I became pregnant I weaned myself off of the wonderful stuff that kept me awake during long hours of work and hectic social schedules, the side effects were horrendous. Weaning myself off was hard and the headaches that followed were intense, my brain had no assistance to help its concentration and was having to work overtime just to keep up with the demands of daily life. All this was for the greater good though, I switched to green tea and ponced round the office like a newly reformed health goddess, I was far from it and it takes a while to get used to green tea might I add… Blugh! (Little tip though, lemon and a teeny tiny bit of honey make it soo much more bearable and actually quite pleasant.) Once my taste buds had accepted the change I read that green tea (which I had actually now grown to enjoy) played a part in blocking the absorption of Folic Acid. Bugger! We were already I believe 2 years down the line trying to conceive at this point, so I was at that stage of ‘I’ll try anything‘ so I ditched the green goddess cocktails of lemon, honey and green tea and switched to what I thought was an old lady alternative Peppermint. Usually seen by older woman as a non-alcoholic digestif after a meal out. Apparently, it helped the Folic Acid so naturally I was game, also it tasted much nicer by itself as well as with a cheeky wedge of lemon. (Oi oi, another sneaky tip).

When I fell pregnant (I’ll go into more detail about the struggles and the journey of that in another post otherwise you’ll be sat here reading this for days and it’ll turn into a bloody novel!) I found out that you are restricted to the amount of get up an go juice but I was already well ahead of the game, I’d pretty much ditched the hard stuff and saw it as a treat once in a while, I can tell you when you’ve limited your caffeine consumption for a long period of time and then have a good hit of the stuff. WOW, bouncing off the walls? No, more like doing the wall of death! It’s like I’d taken a whole packet of Pro Plus (please don’t try that, I haven’t actually done that either might I add.) What I didn’t realise was caffeine is in bloody everything, now I’m a chocolate fiend so to find out I was only aloud 6, 6 measly squares of chocolate during pregnancy, well I was mortified! How would I cope? Bloody cried inside is what I did! Maybe I hadn’t given up the drug after all?? I didn’t listen though, the cravings were too powerful during pregnancy and I fell in love with a jar called Nutella, devouring jar after jar and i’m not just talking about the small piddly ones I went for the big guns, the 1kg bad boys. I know, I know it’s ridiculously bad for you I might as well have been eating bags of sugar granules but hey, that’s pregnancy cravings for you!

When I finally welcomed my little dinosaur into this crazy world,

  1. A) I didn’t touch the artery clogging but oh so good Nutella anymore (again, isn’t pregnancy funny like that?)
  2. B) I slowly found myself reaching for the ‘give me more life‘ brew that is coffee and tea.

Sod the health goddesses of the green tea and peppermint tea world I needed the real deal after the realisation that this tiny human was dependent on me at every waking hour, night feeds are magical but also mega energy zapping, I needed matchsticks to hold my eyes open on many occasions which is where my old flame came solidly back into my life, coffee. That little cup of rocket fuel lifted me up out of the pit of ‘I can’t do this anymore, I’m so tired’ to ‘I can bloody do this shit!’ and ‘YES, I made it through the day without crying’.

Ok, so I’ve drivelled on enough here, so I’ll wrap it up pronto. Today Coffee is my happy start to the day. It’s a small part to play in the bigger picture of coping through motherhood but Oh My, I couldn’t live without you. I’m a terrible morning person, don’t even try to talk to me before I’ve had a coffee I’m like a T-Rex with a sore head, pass me the coffee however and I turn into a mother ready to take on her little T-Rex’s tantrums and run around the garden pushing him around in his Cozy Coupe for hours on end whilst cleaning the house, changing the wash loads, making the lunches, fitting in a 10 minute workout here and there, checking my emails, clearing up the poo on the floor, walking the dogs (I mean I could go on, but as fellow mothers I think you get the gist) and squeezing in this new found love that is blogging! So, hit me up Mr liquid gold, you do wonders for my drive and focus, I’ll never give you up again.

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