While He’s Quiet…

I get moments like these often now that Dylan’s found his feet but it’s the sheer masterpiece of taking advantage of a situation such as this one that you only really start to realise you’re a mum now!

We’ve had some unexpected nice weather over the weekend, it was meant to be raining but the forecast just isn’t proving an accurate tool for predicting the weather at the moment. I Don’t know whether to work on my winter bod or whack out a swimsuit, I’m all over the place! Is it just us or have you been struggling with this too?

Anyway, with the sun making a rather hot and sticky appearance, naturally I plastered factor 50 sun cream to Dylan’s face while he held onto daddy’s chair. He’s still a bit wobbly on his legs so while I maneuverer round his face with the cream I held his back just to make sure he didn’t fall over and hit his head on the chair behind him. Dylan was pushing against my hand whilst I painted his face with the stuff, no child seems to like being attacked with sun cream, do they? It can be a tough task especially when you’re desperately trying not to get it in their eyes! When I finished painting his cheeks Dylan subsequently face planted the armrest of the chair in front. Oops! Before he lets out a wail he usually takes around 10 secs to silently conjure up his ‘that really hurt’ cry, his face goes bright red, his mouth wide open, eyes tightly shut (you know it’s a genuine cry when he does this)! I saw my opportunity and took it, “it’s coming!” I said, “But while he’s quiet I can quickly get the rest of his face done!!” My sister laughed for the way I had flippantly brushed my concern to one side for those 10 seconds to get the rest of Dylan’s face lotioned up! Of course, I comforted him as soon as the first cry was let loose, no mother like to see their child hurt and he was absolutely fine with a bit of distraction. He’s just at that age where I’m a little more relaxed about all the knocks and bumps, now that he’s like Bambi on ice he does it A LOT and I’ve grown a thicker skin to it recently! You just have to pick your moments, though right? He needed that sun protection on his face so I went for it super-duper quick whilst he was statue still for those few seconds. Bad mother? I don’t think so. After a little cry and a distraction from mummy he was sun safe and ready to carry on playing in the garden, I don’t feel bad about it there will always be those ‘oops’ moments or the ‘cor, that sounded like it hurt’ times and you can’t get away from them, it’s life… But at least he was sun safe!

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