Don’t Make Me Laugh

Laughing, a favourite pass time of mine as many of my friends will tell you, my laugh has been compared to a cackling witch but it’s me and I love to share that cackle with everyone around me! It makes me feel great and you’re clearly in good company if you regularly have a giggle fit or two however, after having a baby the carefree whim of a good giggle turned into desperate attempt at holding back the laughter for fear of losing control. Yes ladies, I’m talking about those pesky pelvic floors! It’s not pretty or smart to skip out your Kegel exercises although, when you have a new born baby in your life and you feel like you’ve been kicked in the lady parts with some steel toe capped boots it’s hard to think or even want to do any pelvic floor exercises!

I struggled to get on the band wagon when my son arrived. I was more interested in where the manual was for this little human, I had no idea what I was doing! (I still don’t mind you!) At no point was there enough room in my mind to even contemplate the important words of the midwifes ‘make sure you start your pelvic floors as soon as possible.‘ I started getting more and more aware that I was losing control a little too easily. I wasn’t ready to be in the Tena Lady full brief pant club just yet and I think it was that which made me a bit more switched on and ready to work on the neglected muscle group. At first, I couldn’t work out what I was doing, there was no feeling not even a sensation that the Kegel exercise I was doing was being done correctly! I couldn’t stop my wee whilst on the loo (testing myself to see if the exercises were working!) I thought I’d have to reside myself to being old before my time, investing in the adult sized nappies because I hadn’t taken the advice from the midwives. I knew I needed to up my game, so I really tried to remember to do them. It wasn’t long before I gained some strength back but I wasn’t ‘pre pregnancy’ back in shape and I’m not entirely sure it ever will be, after all I pushed a 9lb baby out of that department (yikes! Just thinking about it makes me tightly cross my legs even though it was me that went though it!) It’s taken some time and a lot of brain power to remember to do them, but I feel like I’m just about there now.

Moral is ladies, take it from me as the inexperienced new time mother that these bad boys are SO important. If you want to be able to laugh, jump on a trampoline or go for a casual jog round the block without the anxiety of losing control for everyone to see then get on floor and work it! In case you were wondering I am now free to laugh uncontrollably without the slightest fear of a trickle because I might have been late to the game but I sure as hell worked hard to regain some strength!

Pelvic floor exercise routine that worked for me:

It’s simple, every nap your little splodge takes get on the floor and work that pelvic floor. Make it a habit and you’ll be back on form in no time!

Just 10 reps are enough to start with, just concentrate on not scrunching your bum because that’s just working your glutes as I soon realised when nothing was improving!!

I heard a lady on YouTube describe it as, ‘delicately holding a peach and keeping it in place’. As hilarious to me as it sounded her description worked and I was able to hone in on what I was meant to be doing!


2 thoughts on “Don’t Make Me Laugh”

  1. Yup, I’m in this club! Laughing isn’t so bad but if I have a bad cough (which is often, being asthmatic!) I’m continually on alert!!! And don’t get me started on trampolines!!!! 💦😂 Problem is, I seem to be able to do the exercises etc ok, so not really sure where I’m going wrong!!!


    1. It’s the exercise that gets me! I have to wear a pant liner (TMI sorry)! It must be the short sharp burst of the cough. If I put off going to the loo it’ll happen to me if I sneeze! 😂 I’m a lot better now but I notice the change when I stop the exercises 😬 xx

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