Solo Parenting, Help?!

Simon’s off on a week of adventures, kayaking the alps leaving me to solo parent for a few days over the weekend until the mother-in-law comes down to stay helping me out for the remainder of the week which, is of course lovely, so long as we don’t get under each other’s feet! She lives far enough away that she only really gets to see Dylan a handful of times during the course of the year, it’s the perfect excuse for her to stay with us so she can spend some quality family time with her grandson while I get to use and abuse her free babysitting facility! I’ve felt steadily more and more anxious with the thought of Simon’s departure, leaving me to ‘hold the baby’ as it were and I’m not even sure why. It’s not like we share the role of ‘minder’ particularly equal, Simon works full time with long hours spent at the office with his brother working on new and exciting projects which involve 3D laser scanning buildings etc. it’s all a bit too advanced for me to even begin to explain, but he works very hard meaning more often than not Dylan will be in bed before Simon gets home. So why am I feeling so antsy about being left alone with a terrorising toddler, well I’ve come to realise it’s not that I will be flying solo with Dylan, I do that most days, it’s being able to off load onto your partner. Just being able to breathe a sigh of relief when they walk through the door, the emotionally stable man who brings an air of normality back into the household is worth more than it’s weight in gold. That’s what I’m feeling anxious about, not that more than anything.

#Weekend down! How did it go?

I am on a MASSIVE high, Dylan must know we’re on our own because he’s just been brilliant! Minimal tantrums, he’s been a joy to be around this weekend. We went shopping in Oxford for most of the day which is normally not something he is particularly good at putting up with, but he did fantastically well. Sunday rolled round, and we went swimming over at David Lloyd or ‘DL’ for the cool kid inside me that feels the need to turn all words into abbreviations. Although I did get looks of empathy while families were out in force at DL on Father’s Day, (who thinks going to the gym is a day out on fathers? Not me that’s for sure) it did look like I was a single parent, it made me cringe inside until I side kicked that feeling out of my mind. Why even entertain that feeling??? Technically, I am a single parent this week and also, being a single parent isn’t anything to feel self-conscious about if anything I feel more empowered conquering the daily tasks of raising this little fire cracker knowing I’ve done it all by myself and survived!! To all the solo flying parents out there smashing it on a daily basis, I salute you!

#So What’s Next?

Well, for the rest of the week I have The-Monster-In-Law… Pahahaha! No no, I promise you she’s not that at all. Simon’s mum will be down from afar to lend a very welcome hand along with providing me with some much needed adult conversation! The poor woman’s not going to know what hit her she won’t get a word in edge ways, I’ll be a mess of verbal diarrhoea, built up of almost 90% dry shampoo and utterly feral looking from the sheer amount of caffeine I’ve inhaled honestly, it’s enough to make people take one look and run for the hills!

I’m really looking forward to Dylan spending some quality time with his Grandma, it’s important for me to strengthen those family bonds, family is to me everything. I come from a very small family some of which I haven’t seen since I was 4 years old for one reason or another which greatly saddens me, I want to make sure Dylan doesn’t have to grow up questioning why he doesn’t ever see the people he’s meant to be related to and if that means biting through my tongue from time to time to keep the peace then I’ll do it, for him!

So, here’s to the rest of my week with a little helping hand, not entirely flying solo I’ll admit well, not flying solo at all! I can’t count the weekend as really getting a taste for it can I? I dabbled I suppose so pretty lame but, I wanted to give one last big shout out to those who do because you’re more of a superhero than you’ll ever realise.

I’m sure there will be revelations as the week progresses, all of which I will undoubtedly keep you up to date with over on my Insta page! :0)



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