Animal vs Plant

I’m talking about the white stuff today, it’s not something I ever though would become a problem for Dylan yet, here we are substituting cows milk for plant based milks. I don’t really know why he seems to be sensitive to cows milk, it baffles me to be quite honest! Dylan seems to be perfectly OK with eating small quantities of cheese and yoghurt however, cow’s milk seems to send his eczema into a raging blaze. Luckily this was established while Dylan was quite small, making changes to his diet in order to figure out what the source of the problem could have been wasn’t too strenuous, although we did seem to go round in circles a fair bit cutting out wheat, cutting dairy, cutting both! We looked at other external factors but I’ll share his eczema progress and go into more detail about that soon. It came down to milk in the end, we noticed how cow’s milk revealed itself as the culprit for the majority of his flare ups, dairy was scrapped from his diet from that moment on and our last test was ready to take place. Once Dylan’s eczema subsided to a state of calm I introduced yoghurt back into his diet, nothing happened so, I went ahead and added cheese back into his diet still, nothing happened. I kept it this way for a couple of weeks before I slid a cup of cow’s milk under his nose, I wasn’t expecting a change, if he was coping with a yoghurt and a Babybel everyday then he would be fine with cow’s milk, surely? No, no no, he wasn’t! His eczema came back with vengeance, angrier than usual and the bowl movements?! I don’t need to tell you what happens if something doesn’t agree with your child’s stomach now do I?! I was utterly confused at this point but, knowing it was the cows milk the switch was made to plant based milks instantly. I didn’t know much about baby vitamins, On YouTube Samantha Maria a fashion goddess/newly turned mum (if you don’t follow her, you should! Shes a beautiful person and very down to earth) mentioned on one of her videos that she was thinking of going plant based for her little girl, Indie. It was the first time I had heard about adding vitamins, it came as a relief to me knowing that Dylan would still get everything he needed by adding vitamins to the plant based substitutes.

Dylan is now comfortably on two types of Plant based milk. He will have almond milk by Rude Health in the mornings and oat milk by Oatly (which I love as it has added calcium) in the evenings before bed, only because I feel oat milk is a little gentler on his stomach over the course of the night and also, I was frighten to death that he may have a nut allergy in the beginning.

I chose the plant based milks by these brands simply because they are the purest forms compared to other brands out on the supermarket shelves. I scrutinised the packaging for any hint of sweetener or gums added to the brew, if it so much as mentioned either of those things it wasn’t going in the shopping trolley. It’s clearly more costly, I’m aware they’re not a budget friendly produce however, these brands are the best and only the best will do for him because I’m an annoyingly precious mother!!


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