Fighting my Fussy Eater

Oh my. This week has been extra tough with a truck load of poop on top just for good measure, I’m trying to be polite here, we all know the alternative word for poop though! It’s not helped in the slightest with the weather being so hot, let’s face it we as Brits are terribly unprepared with hot weather for more than two days and if we’re struggling then you can bet your bottom dollar the kiddies are feeling the heat too and my goodness don’t I know about it. Keeping cool has become an art form even down to timings for when a window can be opened from one side of the house to the other (as if I didn’t already have enough to think about)?!

Dylan has been fussy with his food ever since he went onto solids, it’s a texture and colour issue I’m sure because orange foods like sweet potato wedges and carrot mash he’ll happily cram into his face, but put a pea in front of him and it’ll be swiped onto the floor in a flash. There’s also that ever changing mindset of loving a meal one minute to despising it the next accompanied with the look of ‘are you trying to poison me’?!

With this heat comes a new level of battles at meal times, as grownups we don’t tend to eat much when it’s roasting hot so I can understand Dylan may not be up for eating a lot either however, he’s a growing lad and if he’s going to be an ultra fuss pot all forms of food will be off the table leaving him to survive on thin air. So, thin air it is right now. He won’t eat anything I put in front of him and I’m about to lose my marbles with it, this has become a monumental battle of wills, who will break first? Who will win the war? I can assure you it won’t be him as much as it’s casing me all kinds of stress and heartache I will not give into him. I could give in and give him cheese, yogurt or bread sticks and be done with it each day but there is no varied nutrition here and although I would be happy to do this for a few days I make most of his food therefore, I won’t waste it. I don’t feel Dylan has ever grasped the concept that food is important, that when you’re hungry you eat. I feel like he’s not explored food like other babies do, he’s always seemed to be very cautious of food, he’ll prod it as if it might jump up and bite him on the nose.

Today I’ve had to punish Dylan for throwing his sandwiches on the floor three times. Three strikes and you’re out in this household. Three times I told him NO and three times he ignored my instruction so, it was off to his cot with nothing in it, Babar removed and the lights on. After Dylan finished his tantrum we tried again, this time he tested the boundaries. Dylan took a carrot stick and chucked it to the floor in protest looking at me while he did it with a teenager stroppy facial expression. Keeping my cool I again told him NO to which he picked up another carrot stick and very slowly put it to his mouth, for this I genuinely praised him. Big Smile. Hands in the air with a ‘YEEAHH, good eating’. Then. Then when my back was turned he threw it on the floor. Head in hands moment, I thought we’d cracked it. so, I did the whole thing over again but, Dylan being Dylan, the most head strong child I have come across was now not listening to me in the slightest whilst donning a smirk. Yes, I kid you not, a smirk… I’m dumbfounded at the level of cognitive development in this child at times. He’s extremely quick to catch on and know exactly how to play you. I’ll give you another example of his cheekiness. My sister came round while Dylan was ‘having’ his dinner or not having it more to the point, she encouraged Dylan to eat his food. He put the spoon in the bowl, lifted it slightly, tipped the food off his spoon then put it in his mouth and proceeded to say ‘mmmmm’ as if he’d eaten a bit! It’s clever I’ll give him that, I can’t show him its clever or funny though instead I ignored it completely.

At the moment we’re knee deep in trying to get Dylan to eat what we’ve provided for him and if he doesn’t eat it he doesn’t get anything else until his next meal time when we’ll give him his uneaten lunch.

I know this might sound hard on him. It’s harder on me, I want nothing more than to give him a banana which is his favourite thing in the world but if I do that I’m enforcing that if he doesn’t eat his lunch/dinner he’ll get something nice instead and I can’t do it. I’m a magician who’s run out of tricks, not even hiding veg is working anymore, I’m totally exhausted and broken. I need a holiday.


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