Weekend Getaway to Powys

As some of you know we went away for a family weekend away to North Wales. A get together we try and commit to once a year with Simon’s side of the family, it’s a chance to get all 7 of us in one place for a few days as life thunders past us all at a hundred miles an hour you can soon go months without so much as a text or a phone call to one another.

This year’s weekend Vay-cay was nestled in the heart of the Snowdonia National Park and encased with stunning mountains. We stayed in a country house called Kite Hall which had 5 bedrooms all with en-suits barr one room whose bathroom was adjacent to it. It’s a beautiful house that easily accommodated 7 adults, 3 dogs and a toddler!


Now here’s my problem, on the website it says, ‘Anyone wishing to indulge themselves in beautiful, peaceful surroundings will not be disappointed’. Beautiful that it is, peaceful however I would have to strongly disagree. The house is situated besides a busy main through road, you will undoubtedly hear heavy good vehicles and tractors along with your normal traffic bustle from many cars throughout the day. To go along with that you will also have the issue of the ground keeper’s dogs in their outdoor kennel barking their heads off during periods of the day and night, it’s a problem that the owners of the house are aware of and trying to sort out but the road is there to stay so if you don’t mind the hum of traffic it won’t bother your escape away too much and it didn’t bother me all that much, even as a country girl.

Flies are a huge problem during the evening so stock up on citronella candles to take with you! Whatever you do don’t leave any food out in the kitchen the flies will have it!!

Within walking distance is the local pub and a garage where you can get some basic amenities from, the pub is also the place where you pick up the keys to Kite Hall from. It’s a beautiful country-esk pub and the views are just wonderful (apart from the main road)! 


Inside Kite hall is huge reception room with the type of bathroom you would find in a pub, two cubicles and a large shared sink. It’s cleverly done and fits within the rest of the house very well. You’ll find a dining room where you could hold a banquet, seating 10-14 people (I wish I had a room like this at ours around Christmas time)! There is a large kitchen leading into a smaller kitchen, yes I know, two kitchens?! It’s a waste of space and could be used for something else to be honest but I was a novelty all the same. Upstairs are the bedrooms all spacious and in keeping with the historic feel of the house. Outside was a large outdoor table and chairs, a hot tub hidden around the back of the house and views of rolling mountains peeking over the tops of the trees. The groundsman lives in a small house at the very bottom of the track,  we never saw him once so you wont need to worry about a man appearing out of nowhere. It’s not enclosed so if you are taking dogs you’ll need to keep an eye on them. I was worried that our boys might disappear onto the main road especially when one of the dogs went missing for a few minutes.


We were only there for one full day, so it wasn’t really enough time to explore the surrounding attractions, but we did go to Corris Craft Centre in Machynlleth which was cute and had small hut like buildings each showcasing different trades such as woodcraft, furniture made out of driftwood, a chocolate making shop, gin distillery and a candle making shop just to name a few. I bought some artisan forager gin from the distillery which I’m still yet to open but it smelt amazing in the shop and I just couldn’t resist! The distillery was called DYFI Distillery , the gin I chose was called Pollination. It was fascinating to hear the man talk about the array of elements that went into making each type of gin. If you have time I would highly recommend having a read on their website. At the time of me writing this there might be a danger that the website could be taken down due to the amount of stock they have left, they are a tiny distillery and they just can’t keep up with the demand, I remember the man telling me that orders can only me purchased at the distillery itself which for me makes this gin that little more special.

We headed to Tywyn Beach from Corris Craft Centre, it was a lovely well kept beach and there was a designated area for dogs to run around on. Dylan AB-SOL-UTLY hated the beach. I was really looking forward to a little family fun on the sand but, instead both me and Dylan spent our time sat in an air conditioned car. Gutted. Everyone else has a dip in the sea (including the dogs) while I sat trying to keep my shizz together in the hot weather with a very bored toddler, air con on full blast! I’m REALLY hoping that Dylan’s fear of sand will pass with time, I love the beach I’m not sure there has ever been a time where I’ve not loved the beach so I hope it not an ongoing thing!


Back at the house we set to work preparing for the Turkish themed foodie evening, I’m not entirely sure why we were doing a Turkish theme for our meal, but it was fun and something that would be a good idea to add some entertainment to an average BBQ every so often. I had made spiced burgers which fell apart so looked more like chunks of dog food but tasted pretty good, so we’ll overlook the presentation issue and just go on taste… They were fab! There were salads, BBQ lamb kebabs, dips (I made a gallon of Hummus before arriving and equally as fab may I add) and nibbles along with some rather questionable Turkish liquor, Rakki. Don’t ever try it I probably wouldn’t advise sniffing it either, it’s vile! The smell reminds me of a juvenile night out abusing a bottle of Sambuca, something that sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it and subsequently something I will never drink again. After dinner we chatted, did the quiz in the Telegraph, chatted some more and then hit the hot tub for a bit of relaxing before we retreated inside to bed.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset


Kite Hall is lovely however there are a few small details that seems to be glossed over on the booking sights to which you may be a tad disappointed about upon arrival, i.e. the noise and the flies and the fact that the main road is very close when you take your pets with you.

Would I go again? I probably wouldn’t, I felt it was too far to travel for the length of time we stayed, as we left a few of the family members stayed behind to enjoy the rest of the week with friends who were arriving the next day. Also, the flies just did my head in along with the fact we have an easily bored toddler in our possession so a car journey stretching 4-5 hours was not a pleasant one I can assure you. I would personally like to thank Paw Patrol for making the journey a little more bearable. I would like to say that regardless of my views of the place it was lovely to spend time with family making memories with Dylan and that is worth it’s weight in gold alone.


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