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First Trimester

‘Even my bedside table had a smell!’

I’m through it which is why I can finally sit down and talk about A) why I’ve been piss poor at nurturing my blog with posts each week and B) why I’ve been generally absent from my social media account too.

It’s been an emotional and physical rollercoaster over the last 3 months, from finding out I was pregnant to being struck down with what felt like THE worst sickness that lasted most of the day and night, I thought it would never leave whilst having to parent a small toddler who really doesn’t understand why mummy just won’t move off the sofa but when she does its like a rocket went up her arse and it’s always to the toilet! This pregnancy has certainly been different, with Dylan I was lucky. my symptoms disappeared after 9 weeks but I’ve certainly made up for it this time around and it’s funny how already people are quick to place their bets on it being a girl. *rolling my eyes*. So, apart from feeling hideously sick from 5.5 weeks through to 11 weeks what else can I tell you about baby number two? Well, by 5 weeks I couldn’t fit into my normal jeans making me frantically search for my old maternity jeans, which by the way still didn’t fit well because I was a stone lighter during the pregnancy with Dylan. By 9 weeks I looked (and still look) around 25 weeks pregnant! I blamed the bloating at first however, there is no excuse now and I’ve made my peace with the fact my muscles are not what they used to be, after your first birth its almost like there is nothing to ‘hold you in’ if you like so while I was pretty self conscious and had a few, ok a lot of people pulling ‘oh wow’ face making me want to cry in a dark corner somewhere I’ve come to terms with my ever changing body. However my body decides to grow this healthy little human is not for me to judge or feel ashamed of.


Lets talk aversions shall we? Ha! Oh boy where to start?! Things I couldn’t stand… EVERYTHING! My whole world offended me and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

  • Bacon, a usual mouth watering morning breakfast smell of the weekend ruined by morning sickness!
  • My partners soap, that clean smell sent me running to the toilet a lot.
  • Tap water, tasted metallic.
  • Orange squash, my favourite drink in the world but not anymore!
  • Cooking fish, the smell was rancid
  • Cooking in general was a no go.
  • Perfumes, cleaning products, washing powders were all a threat to my gag reflex.
  • Driving, motion was a killer!
  • Toothpaste.
  • chocolate!! – I know! you all know I love the stuff!!!
  • Even my bedside table had a smell making me want to hurl it out of the window! Who knew?!

I really could go on but I feel like you get the idea!

What worked?

We’ve covered the fact that everything in my world was offensive to my senses, I had zero energy from not eating much. I needed to find ways survive, if anyone comes at me with ginger I would like to take a moment to virtually slap you round the face with a large wet cod. Ginger didn’t work for me, I tried, it just didn’t do it’s magic on me and therefore went out of the window pretty early on. what did work were a few (and when I say a few I honestly mean a few) things that worked including;

  • Full fat Pepsi
  • Original luzozade – almost flat and only during really bad days
  • McDonalds small fries and regular full fat coke when out and about – people say its the salt that helps, whatever it was it worked for me to take the edge off.
  • Pear drops – always kept a stash in my handbag and in the cupboard at home.
  • Peppermint tea – More to take temporarily take the metallic taste out of my mouth.
  • Cuppa soup, Chicken Noodle – an absolute life saver!!
  • Carbs – when I started to feel better eating carbs little and often like toast, ham sarnie, plain(ish) pasta/rice all helped.

It seemed to be a mixture of salt and sugar that worked its magic on me. I found sipping a can of Pepsi slowly really helped me feel a bit more human alongside a packet of salted tortilla crisps, naturally!


I got to around 9.5 weeks and my symptoms faded. Thank goodness I thought, looks like I’ve been lucky with this pregnancy too! The symptoms disappeared for around a week luring me into a false sense of security where I got to feel almost normal then, SLAP! Out of nowhere it hit me like a steam train and I was well and truly back on the sickness express, this time my trips to the toilet were a lot more frequent! By 11 weeks I had cried enough tears (purely down to the racing hormones might I add, I mean I cried over the smallest of things. not being able to eat a banana was just one. I don’t even eat bananas normally so I’m not sure what the issue there was) to fill our local reservoir and completely ran out of emotional and physical steam, I felt like a broken woman but thats when my sickness journey ended. Over the course of the next week little by little I felt better. not great, just better. More energy, less offended by anything and everything! By 11.5 weeks I was me again as long as I ate little and often. I didn’t eat healthy, I just ate what I knew worked and if that meant McDonalds fries and a full fat coke whilst I was on my way out then thats what I’d have!

My amazing boy

I would like to end this post by shouting from the rooftops how amazing both Simon (my partner) and Dylan (our little boy) were during those rocky months. Simon for cooking all the dinners and making me eat even just a little food as well as doing more than his share of the house chores and actually being slightly sympathetic towards me when my head was shoved down the toilet because Simon is not a man who hands out sympathy, ever! (one of his finest qualities I must say. ooo, looks like I’ve picked up some of his sarcasm too, haha)!

And Dylan, for a toddler who hasn’t even hit two years old yet, allowed me to remain firmly rooted to the sofa most days for what must have felt like a year to him was impressive. He didn’t fuss or get frustrated he entertained himself with his toys and put up with me in my fragile state and for a rampaging toddler to understand that something wasn’t right with mummy was impressive. I’m so proud of him and I know he’s going to make the best big brother.

Thank you for putting up with me boys while mummy started to grow a new family team member!


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