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What To Get A New Mum

Whether a first time mum or a seasoned mum, finding a gift that they will love can be hard, gifts are mainly focused on the squishy newborn. It’s a game changer when someone hands you a gift that is mainly for the mum! I loved getting all the baby bits but to receive something for me and me alone was very much welcome, after all I did do all the work here!

One of my friends has recently just had her second baby so I took the opportunity to rally bits and pieces into a hamper basket that I thought would be very much appreciated. If you’re stuck for ideas on what to get a new mum have a little look at my list below to help you get some cracking ideas.

Note: I didn’t add all of these bits into the hamper!

New Mum Gifts

  • Maternity Pads – It’s not glamorous but it’s always necessary!
  • FemFresh Wipes – Again, it’s not a glamorous present but it’s another one that just helps you to feel freshened up in between showers. I used these and they were great for feeling a little cleaner!
  • Girly Tin – a pretty girly tin is a great idea for storing the not-so-glamorous parts of your gift in the bathroom, especially when guests come around!
  • Luxury Bubble Bath/Shower Gel – The first shower or bath alone after giving birth was the most amazing time ever! Make it special with something luxurious.
  • Chocolate – Need i even have to give you a reason to buy a new mum chocolate?!
  • Fizz – Bubbles of any sort were always welcome in our household once Dylan was born, although i wasn’t drinking much at all it was nice to have something to share around with guests to celebrate.
  • Cleansing Wipes – A great grab and freshen up rather than a full face wash alternative, seriously anything to save time when you’ve just had a new baby!
  • Antibacterial Gel – A couple of little handheld tubes are a good idea so they can be dotted round the house.
  • Baby Wipes – You can never have enough baby wipes!
  • Muslins – Another one you can never have enough of believe me!!!
  • Night Snacks – Whether they are breast feeding or bottle feeding it doesn’t matter they will most likely be up all hours so providing a little night snack selection will not go unappreciated! things like individual malt loaves, banana breads, they don’t crumble so perfect for midnight munchies, mixed nut and raisin mix and fruity lemon and raisin pancakes is another good one too.
  • Eye Mask – Talking of being up all night! Help a mother out with some depuffing eye pads! Winner!
  • Face Masks – When a new mum finally gets the time to have some ‘me’ time she’ll thank you for the stash of face masks to rejuvenate!
  • Chocolate Biccies – We all need a pack of these laying around for when we need a quick boost during the day.
  • Frozen Homemade Meal – She may have been super organised, and batch cooked a ton of food to put in the freezer, but chances are she hasn’t, having a night or two of meals that have already been made for her and the family is just worth its weight in gold.
  • Thermos Flask – Hear me out! Having a hot/warm cuppa in the middle of the night during the night feeds without having to wake the kettle (and the rest of the house) is another little thing that just makes the sleepless nights a little more bearable. You could add a box of decaf tea/coffee to it (we might want a hot brew, but we don’t want the caffeine at those ungodly hours to keep us awake when the baby does finally go back to sleep)!
  • A Good Water Bottle – It’s another beside the bed gift that is brilliant, thermos do some lovely water bottles with flip straws so no losing the lid in the middle of the night and its leak proof too!
  • Newborn Outfit – of course you want to buy something for the new born, maybe think about the coming months, chances are everyone’s bought an outfit for the here and now. 0-3 month is a a fab place to start, just remember not to grab that sale snow suit if in 3 months time it’s going to be summer!
  • ASOS – Grabbing an ASOS voucher just means when mum is feeling a bit ‘meh’ she can cheer herself up with a new item of clothing, nothing more satisfying than hitting that ‘add to cart’ feeling!
  • PJ’s – This one can be tricky unless you know the person well, while we all loove a new pair of jammies if you buy a size too big you could end up offending her, too small and it won’t do her self-esteem any good either! but if you are buying PJ’s head for button up if she’s breastfeeding.
  • Dry Shampoo – Whoever invented this little beauty is just my number one fan! Even now as a mother to a toddler I live for this stuff!

I’d love to hear what new mum gifts you’ve bought and hopefully it’ll help others with more options! I hope these are helpful, there might have been a couple you wouldn’t have thought of but all of these things are great gifts (talking from personal experience of course)!

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