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Second Pregnancy – Week by Week Blogs Don’t Apply.

Second Trimester with Existing Children.

We’ve made it through to the second trimester, the sickness faded to only a nauseous niggle if I skip a main meal which means managing the bastard is much easier. Reading up on various websites about the stages of pregnancy I’m at and I’m beginning to see a pattern emerging. These so called ‘Your Body’ posts within the ‘What to Expect’ pregnancy stages seem to be directed more at first time mums. I remember reading them when I was pregnant with Dylan feeling exactly as they described, second time round however and I am certainly not feeling like I have more energy to harness or make the most of! In fact, I feel exhausted and my body aches with every movement, but they don’t write that in the blog posts do they? I feel they should have a paragraph dedicated to Existing Motherhood Pregnancy, I can assure you it would read quite different, I imagine it to go a little like this;

‘By this stage you will probably be feeling pretty exhausted as you’ve had no time to sit down for even just 5 minutes while you run around lovingly (a debatable use of word on occasions) catering for your existing family and making sure the house doesn’t set on fire and burn to the ground. *smile through gritted teeth, you know it’s worth it* We wish we could tell you it gets easier from this point on but I’m afraid that would be false hope. Get used to your old friend exhaustion because when your baby arrives you can go right ahead and add sleep deprivation back onto the list too! Just remember coffee brands are offering a discount on shares so it’s worth looking into, after all you’ll be drinking gallons of the stuff just to stay even remotely sane.’

‘You may experience some growing pains, in fact to escape regular injury you’ll need to get practising on your very best Beached Whale Impression as you try and get yourself off the sofa, getting out of bed is a whole other ball game, it’s going to require a special kind of roll which only you can style and perfect as you struggle to get your feet to the ground during those midnight toilet trips we all know you’ve so missed without waking the rest of the house. Don’t move too quickly in anyway shape or form because you’ve ruined your muscles from the last pregnancy let alone if you’re on more than your second pregnancy and they most definitely haven’t forgiven you, they’ll teak and pull causing instant shooting pain with the slightest twisting movement, so the challenge should you accept it is to move as little as possible while also tending to all your daily life chores and keeping your youngest child alive, fed and entertained. We wish you all the very best of luck with this mission mama!

What to think about – You’ll most likely not thinking about what set of PJ’s you’ll be packing in your hospital bag or about how you’re going to feed your little one, it’s hard enough work thinking about what you’re going to feed the rest of the family for tonight’s dinner but you should probably start making notes, we suggest Post It Notes stuck on cabinets, they really help to get right in your face so you don’t totally forget. What might be starting to creep back into your mind is the fact you’ll be going into labour again and labour equals the thought of going through contractions again, the thought of how long your first labour lasted and the fact you nearly clocked the midwife over the head when she offered you paracetamol rather than gas and air because apparently you weren’t dilated enough to which you responded to her by shouting, ‘I haven’t got a headache, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but I’m having a baby, pass me the hard stuff!’

We also don’t think that baby proofing your home will work now, you already have kids running riot around the house, so our advice is to just get a cage also known as a play pen to plonk your darling newborn in to keep him/her safe from rampaging children. Unfortunately one of your new requirements will be to have eyes in all sides of your head not just the back as there will be no way of hiding small parts of toys from your little baby unless you lock all existing toys away, but let’s face it your children are crafty and clever, they’ll find a way to bust open the lock of banished goods. it’s not an easy skill to learn and you will encounter hurdles along the way but stick at it, superpowers take time to master.’

Through it all you’ll love how your body is doing magical things by growing another precious life but you’ll be as hairy as cousin IT. You’ll have grown quicker and probably bigger than the first pregnancy so say goodbye to your feet for a least 4 months! I wouldn’t worry about trying to shave those legs it’s potentially muscle damaging just trying.

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