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I’m switching off. I’m stepping back. I’m clearing that foggy haze of the social media world from my mind.

You know what, sometimes for my sanity I need to back off from the screen occasionally. I intended to use my social media platform to both help me get through the heartache of a miscarriage and the tough transition into motherhood after having our first child. As I slowly adjusted to the new way of life, the sleepless nights which, in all fairness I don’t think I’ll ever fully ‘adjust’ to and the responsibility that a tiny human being needed me 24/7, once I acclimatised and settled into my new life role I became able to pass on snippets of wisdom to other mothers experiencing the same trials and tribulations of the new mother journey. I moved away from the ‘help me’ posts and injected some humour into my little squares while still maintaining a raw insight into the reality of being a mother, showcasing the rough with the smooth. I should be happy with my little online space however as more people interacted with me and the more people followed me, so the pressure started to mount. How can I keep them engaged? What would they like to see on my grid? These questions began to cloud my judgement of why I started my account in the first place, they become almost toxic and it’s at that point when I realised, I wasn’t putting the same quality and thought into my posts that I was doing when I first started. The progression of an account will naturally happen as you grow with lives experiences, but the quality of the content should always stay the same, for me it was this aspect that was being lost for the sake of an audience. Recently I began to post half thought out content, a photo posted because I felt I had to. I’ve got lost in the misty vortex of social media and the pressures that surrounds it.

The negativity that radiated off the account was stifling so I eventually unfollowed…

After a week of listening to another account struggling to deal with the loss of following due to a post that didn’t get the reaction they had hoped for I felt sorry for them that they were so hung up on the following, I felt saddened for them that the content being produced on their account was purely for the audience rather than for them and how it had finally caught up with them. The negativity that radiated off the account was stifling so I eventually unfollowed however, it did make me look at my own content and see that careless content could be taken in a very harmful way by others, it’s important to me to think about the pictures and posts I’m writing. I want it to mean something to me, I want to be able to look back at my online space with fondness. If I can help others along the way with a fraction of the support, they have shown me in the past I’ll have achieved an important goal because it’s never easy being a mother whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned pro. My account should reflect my personality which I believe it does, but I have had to stop and take a moment to breathe for the fear that social media crowd pleasing is starting to creep in. I’ve never shown anything but me through my blog posts and my social media account and I want to remain true to myself so finding that I’m not entirely happy with my online content through both words and imagery has made me put the phone down and unplug to give myself a reset.

There’s so much more we can learn from the world just by walking in the here and now…

I’m going to immerse myself in the real world for a period. Soak in my surroundings, hold my head up and look around me. There’s so much more we can learn from the world just by walking in the here and now rather than burning our retinas on a tiny screen which quite often is filled with fake news. I’m going to spend time with my family, they are after all the most important people in my life, I don’t ever want them to feel second best to the online world. I’m also about to embark on a new chapter in my life, in what could be as little as 7 weeks’ time I will be turning our little family of 3 into a beautiful family of 4, I have much more than I initially thought to prepare for our latest arrival along with balancing work before I depart for the holy grail that is MAT Leave whilst also running around after a rampaging toddler, it’s no easy task and definitely one that needs my focus and attention to make it through unscathed! Not only that but strengthening the bond I have with my partner, he’s my rock in this messy world of shifting perceptions, I want to talk, laugh and hold each other more.

if you’re feeling the effects of social media step away, clear the foggy haze and unplug from the buzz…

Unplugging myself from the online world of social media, having that detox will not only, as said before be saving my poor retinas from destruction it will give my health a bit of fresh air too. It’s good to recognise when it’s time to step away, if you’re feeling the effects of social media step away, clear the foggy haze and unplug from the buzz.


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